Why Buy A Wood Burring Hot Tub ?

Fits Up To 8 Adults and 2 Children

The 70.9 in (180 cm) wide hot tub is suitable for 6-8 people, while the 78.8 in (200 cm) wide option is spacious enough for a group of 8-10 people.

Low Operating Costs

The special design of the hot tub saves around 110 gallons (500L) of water on each fill. We estimate that based on the average rate of £3.19 per cubic meter of water it would cost a bit over £4 to fill your hot tub.

No Power Outlet Required

Since the classic hot tub doesn’t have any electrical parts (if you do not include a water filter) you can bring it anywhere you like, be it the back garden in the city or a woodland holiday cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Scandinavian Thermowood Finish

This carefully selected material is not only durable and resistant to any kind of weather, but also nicely rugged with a minimal water absorption level. The special wood treatment with heat, steam, and oil increases its resistance against many microorganisms and insects.

Easy Care Fiberglass Insert

Hot tub owners appreciate fiberglass inserts because of the effortless care and superior comfort. The insert is designed to fit your body shape and provide comfy seating while bathing. Its sleek, seamless surface is pleasant to touch and easy to clean with simple dish detergent.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Heater

With an integrated food-grade AISI304 stainless steel heater it will take 1-2 hours to heat the water up in summer, and 3-4 hours in the winter.